Friday, September 10, 2010

First Post

3rd Period Students,
For this first post, you need to type in a comment about the following:

What should you be aware of when doing searches on the internet? (for example, how do you know if a website is trustworthy or safe).


  1. Austin Barua

    You should be aware of what you are looking for, after you know the precise details in what you are searching for. For example when you are looking up a maltese to buy in your city. You would put "maltese's for sale in _______" if you just searched "maltese" you would be bombarded with results that are irrelevant to what you are looking for.

    You should by your own judgment know if a website is safe or, not. Safe websites usually don't try to advertise to you on other websites.

  2. You should by aware pf when your searching the internet is that is your on a dangerous would get a virus, and popups would appear! If there is no pop ups then it is safe!